Sports Gambler Benjamin Tucker Patz Pleads Guilty To Threatening Tampa Bay Rays Players


Sports gambler Benjamin Tucker Patz, 24, of Napa, California, pleads guilty to sending threatening and explicit messages to hundreds of athletes  from Tampa Bay Rays.

Patz was initially charged last year. He had made numerous violent threats in 2019 against athletes and their family members through anonymous Instagram accounts. The messages included the following string of text sent to one Tampa Bay Rays player:

“I will sever your neck open you pathetic c**tbag”;

“I will enter your home while you sleep…And sever your neck open…I will kill your entire family…Everyone you love will soon cease…I will cut up your family…Dismember them alive”;

“Your family’s necks will be severed open with a dull knife!…Your family will die!”;

“Your family will be beheaded.”

Though Wednesday’s guilty plea relates specifically to the Rays threats, investigators said Patz had been sending violent messages to athletes for about a year before his arrest.

Benjamin Tucker Patz, who resides in both New York and California, has won more than $1 million by wagering on sports events but, after losing $10,000 by betting on the Los Angeles Rams to win the 2019 Super Bowl, sent messages to two players on the game’s winning team, the New England Patriots, claiming that he would rape and murder their families.

Patz also used his Instagram accounts to send threatening and explicit messages to more than 300 other accounts that belong to professional or collegiate athletes or their family members trying to influence the outcome of upcoming sporting events he had wagered on.

A sentencing date has not yet been set, but Patz faces possible prison for threats to kill Rays players.

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