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Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza Hotel And Casino Demolished

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A former casino that belonged to Donald Trump, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, was demolished by implosion in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Trump, who opened the building in 1984, lost control of it in a 2009 bankruptcy. Five years after, The Trump Plaza Hotel And Casino was closed to the public.

About 3,000 dynamite bars were placed inside the building. The building collapsed in a few seconds, and the operation went smoothly, although the place is surrounded by other buildings.

In fact, the surrounding hotels have sold tourist packages for those willing to give a few hundred dollars to watch the implosion from a place with a good view. There was people who paid $ 575 for a VIP breakfast at a nearby pavilion with a direct view of the show.

The current owner, billionaire Carl Icahn, has not revealed what he will build on the vacant site.

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